Nude Hunk Victor Luca has an Amazing Body

Nude Hunk Victor Luca has an Amazing Body

I Love To Watch This Hot Muscle Gay Hunk Victor Luca

“This boy moved into the house next door yesterday,” Joe said.

“How does he look?” Kyle asked.

“Handsome men looking…tall…skinny…green eyes…brown hair…had a nice ass too. He was wearing these tight khaki shorts. It was a nice thing to see. You’ll like him.”

“What’s his name?”


“Victor? Hot hunks name.” Both Joe and Kyle laughed. The sun beamed down ferociously on their tanned, muscular men, sweaty, naked men bodies as they lied in the thick, moist, green grass. “How old did he look?”

“21 or maybe 22. He had that innocent ‘straight college men-goes to Bible-study-look,” Joe answered.

“Sweet,” Kyle said. “Hey, put some more lotion on my bareback.”

Joe grabbed the sun-block, poured some onto the palm of his hand, and started to apply it to Kyle’s beautiful, smooth skin. Kyle’s skin felt so warm and sweaty against Joe’s touch. Joe rubbed the lotion in large circles around Kyle’s shoulder blades, down to his mid-back, and even lower to the sharp arch of his lower back. “Is he home right now?” Kyle asked.

“Maybe, I don’t know.”

“Put some on my ass too,” Kyle said.

Joe had no problem obliging. He squeezed a healthy amount of lotion on each of globe of Kyle’s tight, waxy smooth ass and rubbed in small vigorous circles. Kyle moaned. “That feels so good…I can’t believe it’s so fucking hot out here today, dude. Feels like I’m going to fucking catch on fire in a few seconds.”

Joe wiped the rest of the lotion on Kyle’s muscular gay, smooth hamstrings. Even though he had seen and done things to Kyle’s sexy, naked body hundreds of times, he could never keep his gay dick from getting hard. “My turn,” Joe said.

“Alright,” Kyle said, groaning as he lifted himself up to his knees and took the bottle of lotion from Joe’s hand. Joe laid himself flat on the grass again, the sharp blades of grass poking against his six-pack abs. He spread his legs apart a little, so Kyle could get in between, and stretched his gay muscle arms above his head. “You’re sweating like a motherfucker,” Kyle mentioned, laughing as he started to rub the lotion on Joe’s shoulders.

“It must be over a hundred degrees today.” Joe’s gay penis got harder and harder as Kyle rubbed his triceps and biceps. Kyle continued to rub Joe’s bare back, pressing his thumbs down into his lower back, making a pleasurable pressure on it. As Joe had done with him, Kyle began to caress Joe’s hard gay butt. Joe’s butt had a thin little bit more hair on it than Kyle’s, but that was only because Kyle made it a weekly ritual to shave his entire muscle hunk body, from his armpit hair, to the crack of his tight ass. Joe would often help Kyle trim his hairy gay body, mostly getting his butt and balls. Kyle always offered to shave Joe’s nutsack and asscrack, but Joe always refused. Even though no hair looked really good on Kyle, Joe liked having a little bit of hair on his ass and balls. Kyle squeezed and kneading his fingers into Joe’s butt, making Joe even more horny.

“You should ask him to come over,” Kyle said, smacking Joe’s ass with his hand after he was finished. He lay in the same spot he had been in before.

Joe’s big gay dick was still wood hard. He rolled over on his back, shielding his eyes from the glaring sun. His eight inch dick was standing straight up. When Kyle saw it, he chuckled. “Have you busted one today?” Kyle asked.

“Not yet,” Joe said. He placed his hand around his thick gay hard cock and gave it a few rough strokes.

“I’ve been really horny the last couple of days.”

“What about that one guy you were fucking with…Mark?”

“He started to annoy me. He was getting too clingy.”

“Aww, too bad. He was hot,” Kyle said. “I would’ve fucked him.”

It got hotter by the second. Joe thought about hopping into the pool, but felt too lazy to get up. And it was about ten times hotter inside of his house than outside of it.

“When are your parents coming home?” Kyle asked.

Joe rolled back over on his stomach. “Two more weeks.”

“Damn, that’s a long time.”

“I wish they would fucking stay there.” Joe stood up and walked over to the pool. He dipped his feet in. The cool water felt really well against Joe’s blazing hot skin. Joe hopped in, sinking all the way to the bottom and then rising up back to the surface. “Hey, Kyle, this water feels bomb. Get in.” Kyle got up and made his way to the pool. Kyle had such a great-looking sexy gay hunk body. Both he and Joe were on their swim team, and also had the best gay bodies of all the swimmers on their team, even though there were a lot of hot guys on the team, including a junior named Nick West and a freshman James Harris, both of whom Kyle and Joe had fucked individually and together.

Kyle hopped in, making a big splash. He did the backstroke from one side of the pool to the other. “I still think we should go over to that boy’s house. See if he wants to hang out.”

“Right now?” Joe asked.

“Why not?” Kyle climbed out of the water. Droplets of water fell down his back, over his perfect ass, dropping on the deck. This did nothing to make Joe’s cock go down. Joe climbed out too. The summer breeze felt wonderful against his wet, naked body. Joe grabbed his swim trunks, which he had left on a lawn chair and put them on. Kyle was walking toward the house. “Hey, Kyle! You’re gonna put your shorts on…right?”

After Joe and Kyle changed into tank-tops and loose shorts, they headed next door to Victor’s large, two story house. Joe knocked on the door and the two waited. “I hope he’s as cute as you said he was,” Kyle said. “`Cause if he’s not, I’m gonna be pissed.”

The door opened and a very handsome boy stood in the doorway. He looked better than Joe described: clear, tan skin, sparkling emerald green eyes, full pink lips, a slender, but very nice body, perfect brown hair that slightly covered his eyes. He had this innocent confidence about him that was really cool. He wore a small, tight white shirt, half-buttoned, half-open, and a pair of tight khaki shorts with no shoes on. There was a perfect blend of masculine and feminine qualities about his appearance. Kyle and Joe were both stunned.

“Victor, right?” Joe asked.

“Yeah,” Victor said. He smiled. His teeth were gorgeous. “You’re Joe, right?”

Joe smiled back. “Yeah, and this is my friend, Kyle.”

Kyle and Victor shook hands. Joe could see that Victor was immediately smitten when he saw them. “We wanted to see what you were up to,” Kyle said.

“Nothing much,” Victor said. “Just watching tv.”

“On a Saturday afternoon?” Kyle asked. “You must be bored as hell.”

“A bit,” Victor said with another smile.

“We wanted to know if you wanted to hang out with us in Joe’s backyard. He has a pool. We were gonna swim around for a little while.”

Victor looked over at Joe. He seemed very excited to see two hot guys standing in his doorway, but also trying his hardest not to show it on his pretty face. “Why not?” he said. “It’s not like I have anything better to do. And it is hot. Let me get my trunks. I’ll be back.”

Joe wanted to say you won’t need trunks, because you won’t be wearing them. But he didn’t. He knew that Kyle was thinking the same thing. Victor left them standing on the porch. They watched Victor walk away. Victor’s hot gay butt switched left to right in very hypnotic and attractive way. “You were right. He is cute,” Kyle said.

“Told you.”

“We’re definitely going to tear up his ass.”

“You know he’s a virgin.”

Kyle grabbed his crotch and squeezed. “Just makes it even better.”

Victor returned a few minutes later. He wore the same gay tee shirt from before, but now he wore a pair of skin-tight shorts that came up mid-thigh. Victor had the best pair of legs that either one of them had seen on anyone, boy or girl. He had a nice-looking package as well. With his shirt half open and those shorts on, Victor looked short as hell. Joe was glad his shorts were loose enough so that Victor wouldn’t be able to see the developing bulge.

“You guys ready?” Victor asked, closing the door behind him.

Joe and Kyle were practically drooling. “Yeah…” They answered at the same time.

“Cool.” Victor walked past them, toward Joe’s house.

“Are you sure he’s a virgin?” Kyle asked. “Looks like he knows what he’s doing to me.”

“Guess we’ll have to find out,” Joe said. Together they walked over to Joe’s house.



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