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It was just two weeks after Justin’s 21st birthday in the summer of 2009. He had been on a volunteer fire department for 5 years and decided to make it a career. There was only one problem…he would have to go to another department to get paid.

After deciding to go to a rural department that was close to home, he applied and in just a couple of days, he was working where he had always dreamed of. Now Justin was the shy type and he always knew he was. He didn’t know anyone at the fire department so he was nervous about his first staff meeting. That night, the hunk chief asked him to stand up and introduce himself to the department, as he was the newest member of the force.

He introduced himself and gazed at every muscle hunk as they told their name, their rank, and what they did. Keith was the last one, but for some reason he caught Justin’s attention. He was about 6 ft. tall, muscular men, very masculine with a deep voice, black gay hair, and brown eyes. Out of all the rest of the guys, Keith told Justin that he would show him around after the meeting was over.

Justin had known that he was bisexual a couple of years back and had some encounters with some hot hunks! But, for the past year, his action had decreased and he had focused on his career more than his personal life. After the meeting, Justin walked outside to smoke a cigarette, followed by Keith. Keith spoke up, “Justin, nice to meet you, these can be tough but they are good when it comes down to it. I know you’ll love it here”

He also extends his hand and when Justin touches it, a spark just flows between them. Keith then motions for Justin to go inside and get his personal tour of the station. “This is a big building but we only use about 2 of the rooms nightly. But there is another room if you want to bring your girlfriend in here and fuck her or whatever.” Justin replies, “I don’t have a girlfriend so I won’t be using that room.” He notices the look that Keith gives him when he makes that comment.

A couple of months pass by and Justin has been working out in the station’s gym while he’s at work. He’s got kind of buff and sexy gay hunk. He and Keith have become best of friends, always doing things together, going out to eat, getting drunk, and Keith got the chief to switch their schedules so that they worked together. But this friendship quickly escalates into something more. One night while Justin is in the shower jacking off, he hears the door open to the bathroom.

He yells, “Hey, there’s another bathroom in here, I’m taking a shower.” He got a surprise when he heard Keith tell him that he knew that and everyone had gone home. What Justin didn’t realize was that Keith was on the other side of the curtain getting undressed. Justin heard the door shut and he assumed Keith had gone out so he continued to jack himself. The curtain flies open and Keith looks at Justin and just gazes him all over.

His throbbing 8 inch thick cock in his hand and those hot muscle abs and pecks. Justin notices Keith’s gay dick is as gay hard as a rock and estimates that it must be 9 inches long. He has perfect muscle men abs and pecks and a perfect handsome men smile. Keith looks him in the eye and says, “This is something I’ve wanted to do for a year now, Can I join you?” and of course they did have hardcore gay sex all night long.

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